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Free Bus to Perlan

Perlan Museum offers a free shuttle bus from Harpa Concert Hall , downtown Reykjavik, to Perlan.  The bus is operated every day between 09.00 AM and 05.30 PM.

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Ice Cave

Travel through the ice cave and learn about the glacier’s dangers, the secrets and beauty it keeps.

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Great restaurant, cafe and gift shop

Út í Bláinn Restaurant a unique restaurant situated in a glass dome

Út í bláinn restaurant

Út í bláinn is a unique restaurant situated in a glass dome, an enchanting world where the woodlands meet the sky with an incredible view to all directions.

Kaffitár Café at Perlan, Iceland

Kaffitár Café

The well trained staff at Kaffitár Café strive to offer excellent service and have many award winning baristas. Kaffitár Café is located on the fourth and fifth floors of Perlan.

Icelandic woolen scarves made from Icelandic materials at Rammagerðin / Iceland Gift Store

Rammagerðin Gift Shop

Rammagerðin Gift Store is one of the oldest gift stores in Iceland. It emphasizes on offering a variety of products made by Icelandic craftspeople and designers, along with products made from Icelandic materials.