Fagradalsfjall volcano

Volcano Show

Insight into the Geldingadalir eruption

Geldingadalir Volcano Show

Iceland is known for its unique geological wonders, with hundreds of volcanoes scattered across its terrain. On March 19, 2021, a new volcanic eruption began in Geldingadalir, only 30 km from Reykjavík. This was the first volcanic eruption in this area in over 800 years, making it a historic event for the people of Iceland and the scientific community. At Perlan, guests can experience the Geldingadalir eruption in a powerful volcano show.

Fagradalsfjall volcano
Reykjavik and volcano

A Historic Event

Geldingadalir eruption started in a fissure on the side of Fagradalsfjall mountain, creating a lava flow that spread across the valley. The lava flow was small and slow-moving, allowing people to safely observe the eruption from a distance.                             

From a scientific perspective, the Geldingadalir eruption provided researchers with a unique opportunity to study the behavior of volcanic eruptions in real-time. Scientists collected samples of the lava and gases produced by the eruption, which will be used to learn more about the geological processes that led to the eruption and how it affected the surrounding environment.

Geldingadalir eruption was a historic event that will be studied and remembered for years to come, both for its scientific significance and its impact on the people and economy of Iceland.

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