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Best Time to See Glaciers in Iceland

The best time to see glaciers in Iceland is usually over the summer. However, Perlan offers an authentic ice cave & glacier exhibit that can be booked year-round.

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Ice cave

Guide to Icelandic Ice Caves

Explore the natural beauty of Iceland's ice caves with our comprehensive guide. Learn about the best caves, how they are formed, about their colour and more.

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Helicopter ride to volcano

Five ways to visit Iceland Volcanoes

Explore Iceland's volcanic landscape in various ways, including helicopter tours, hikes, descents into a magma chamber and tours by snowmobile or ATV.

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Reykjavik northern lights

The History of Reykjavik

Reykjavik can trace its history back more than a thousand years since Norseman Ingólfur Arnarson chose to settle here. If you're keen to explore Reykjavik's history, here's what you need to know.

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The Ultimate Guide to Volcanoes in Iceland

Volcanoes in Iceland sometimes erupt in dramatic fashion. Find out more about where they are, how they’re formed and how they erupt in our ultimate guide.

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Iceland

Explore Iceland's top 10 most beautiful waterfalls with our guide. Plan your adventure now and witness the stunning natural beauty of these cascading wonders.

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Northern lights

Top 10 Places To See the Northern Lights in Iceland

You can see the northern lights across the country, but some spots are more suitable than others. Find the best place to see the northern lights in Iceland.

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The Ultimate Guide to Reykjavik

Located in the southwest of Iceland, it is the world’s northern capital city. If you want the lowdown, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to Reykjavik.

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Glaciers exhibition

Top 7 Things To Do in Reykjavik With Kids

If you’re looking for ways to keep the children entertained, these ideas for things to do when visiting Reykjavik with kids are sure to put a smile on their faces.

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Winter nature view in Iceland

Best Glacier Hikes in Iceland

Discover Iceland's best glacier hikes with our ultimate guide. From awe-inspiring landscapes to thrilling adventures, explore the glaciers and ice caves!

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Earthquakes in Iceland

Earthquakes in Iceland are a fact of life. Each year, hundreds of small tremors shake the earth, a reminder of the country’s position on a tectonic plate boundary.

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Ice cave

Guide to Icelandic Glaciers

Discover Iceland's glaciers, see how they are formed and where they are found in our ultimate guide. Don't miss your chance to experience one in Reykajvík.

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Látrabjarg in Iceland - Everything You Need to Know

Discover Látrabjarg in Iceland, a stunning birdwatching paradise located on the westernmost point of Europe. Learn about its history, unique features, and wildlife. Get insider tips on how to make the most of your visit to this natural wonderland.

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Glacier hike

What To Wear and Bring on a Glacier Hike in Iceland

Get an insight into how glaciers in Iceland are created and formed at Perlan before visiting one. Follow our checklist on what to wear and bring on a glacier hike.

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Perfect One Day Stopover in Iceland

Even though you have just 24 hours in Iceland, you can still experience glaciers, volcanoes, cliffs and get the best views over Reykajvik with your stopover in Iceland.

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Volcano Museums and Exhibitions in Iceland

If you don't manage to visit an actively erupting volcano in Iceland - Experience its force at one of these excellent volcano museums and exhibitions in Iceland.

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Ultimate Guide to Whales in Iceland

From the majestic humpback to the elusive blue whale, learn about the different types of whales you can spot on your whale-watching tour at Perlan.

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Perlan Ice cave

The Top Ice Caves in Iceland

See and experience the top Ice caves in Iceland. Whether you hike a glacier or experience Reykjavík's Ice Cave at Perlan - you will truly be in awe.

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Forces of nature

Best Museums and Exhibitions in Iceland

Explore Iceland's rich history and culture through its top museums and exhibitions. From viking sagas to modern art, discover the best collections.

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Your Guide to Lake Mývatn

Discover the beauty and wonders of Lake Mývatn in our comprehensive guide. Learn about its geology, wildlife, and the best ways to experience this Icelandic gem

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Photo of Westman Islands

The Top 5 Biggest Earthquakes in Iceland

Iceland is located in a tectonically active zone, meaning small tremors are part and parcel of everyday life. See the biggest earthquakes in Iceland.

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Perlan sunset

The Best Views Over Reykjavik City

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you gaze out across a beautiful view. Numerous awesome panoramas await visitors to the Icelandic capital, so let us share the best views of Reykjavik.

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Ice cave

Ice Caves From Reykjavik

Travel beyond the capital for a closer look at an ice cave under one of Iceland’s glaciers. If you can’t spare the time, experience Perlan’s ice cave in Reykjavik.

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Photo of Northern Lights over Perlan

What Causes the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are beautiful but what causes the northern lights in Iceland and why do they change colours? Learn about them before experiencing them in Iceland.

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Fagradalsfjall volcano

Ultimate Guide to Fagradalsfjall Volcano

The Icelandic Fagradalsfjall volcano, erupted again in 2021-2022. Read our guide to learn how to visit, what to bring, why it’s worth visiting and more.

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