Perlan Museum

Wonders of Iceland

Nature museum unlike any other


Perlan Ice Cave

Ice Cave and Glaciers Exhibition

Ice Cave and Glaciers Exhibition

An ice cave in Reykjavík

Explore Perlan's amazing ice cave and the dramatic interactive Glaciers exhibition that offers a fascinating glimpse into Icelandic glaciers.

Northern Lights Show

Guaranteed northern lights

Áróra, the first ever 8K northern lights planetarium film. Observe northern lights as you’ve never seen them.

Northern lights in Iceland

Northern Lights Show

Geldingadalir Volcano

Lava Show

Lava Show

Geldingadalir volcanic eruption

Get a fascinating insight into the Geldingadalir eruption that began in March 2021 at Fagradalsfjall and lasted several months.

Látrabjarg Cliff

Augmented reality entertainment

Looking up at this massive, realistic model of the largest seabird cliff in Europe, guests will encounter the inhabitants of this natural skyscraper.

Birds diving in Latrabjarg

Látrabjarg Cliff

Water in Icelandic nature exhibit

Water in Icelandic Nature

Icelandic Museum of Natural History

This exhibition will awaken interest and admiration for the nature of water and inform visitors about its wonders and importance for the future prosperity of society.

Other Exhibitions

Land ‒ Coast ‒ Ocean.

Explore and discover more unique exhibitions such as Forces of Nature, The virtual fish tank, Iceland - timeline, Mývatn, Ok and more.

Forces of nature exhibit
Whale swimming
Perlan sunset

Observation Deck

Observation Deck

Amazing 360° view of Reykjavík

The observation deck lies on the top of the hot water tanks and encircles the entire dome to give an amazing view of Reykjavík and the surrounding area.

Visit Perlan

Top attraction in Reykjavík

Perlan is an iconic building that hosts one of a kind nature exploratorium. It‘s a learning laboratory where visitors explore Icelandic nature through science and human perception.

Perlan also has a restaurant, bar, café, ice cream parlour and gift shop for guests to enjoy.

Perlan sunset
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We loved Perlan! Easy to get to on the bus, had a really enjoyable few hours walking round. The Aurora show is amazing and was great to see after we saw the northern lights the night before! The ice cave was fun but they let too many people in at once so wait until it quiet or be at the front of the queue. Observatory deck is brilliant and the cafe was lovely too.

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Ffiona W

Planetarium and Observatory - wonderful

The views from the observation area are stunning. We were lucky that is wasn't windy and were able to take in the whole breathtaking sights (360). The Planetarium Northern Lights show was great as it explained simply how they come into being. There's enough information about glaciers, volcanoes, and wildlife to keep you interested...

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Stephen M

Amazing experience

Tho museum is brilliant to do at that start of your trip as it gave us all the history of Iceland in a fun, beautiful and interactive. The ice cave and planetarium are spectacular. Do not miss the view from the top.

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Susan H

Great indoor experience!

When the weather isn’t cooperative, this museum is a fabulous way to see what Iceland has. We had a wonderful time! Save room for ice cream- the flavors are unique and delicious!

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Great Interactive Museum

There were lots of things to do at this museum. Great for kids and adults. My favorite part was the ice cave and film on volcanos. A must stop for all.

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