Environmental & Sustainability Policy


Vision, mission, and values 

Perlan – Wonders of Iceland aims to be a bridge between science and society. 

We want to give back to society by entertain and educating both guests and employees about Icelandic nature, environmental protection, and sustainability. Our wish is to be a role model that inspires and leads the way to a healthier and fairer planet. Perlan - Wonders of Iceland core values are, Respect, Care, Entertainment, and Education. As a company, we operate on sustainable principles and consider the environmental and socio-cultural aspects of all decisions. As part of that, we priorities strengthening our relationship with local and international communities.

What we do 

Nature protection:
All exhibitions at Perlan - Wonders of Iceland dedicates to showing our guests the beauty and importance of our natural resources. Inside our Nature Exploratorium, visitors learn about Icelandic geology, flora, and fauna, but also about the negative impact that Climate Change is having on our glaciers and why it is essential to protect them. In our basement, through an art installation, we raise awareness about Plastic Pollution and provide our visitors with ideas on how they can help tackle this issue. Some specific actions we do:

  • Refuse single-use plastic items
  • Reduce waste production, for example, by not printing unnecessary items 
  • Reuse items as much as possible (paper, cardboard, etc.)
  • Recycle (sort out) our waste 
  • Offer guests the possibility of compensating for the CO2 emissions of their trips to Iceland by buying trees that employees plants in the forest around Perlan
  • Offer a free shuttle bus service to encourage sustainable transportation 
  • Collaborate with Flugavernd, bird protection NGO

Perlan - Wonders of Iceland wants to have a positive impact on the community, both local and international. We do our best to create partnerships with different entities to promote the sustainability and well-being of nature and people. We invite groups of school kids throughout the year and have a strong relationship with the University of Iceland. We support local events and forest clean-ups. We count with a great international team of employees and do our best to ensure their well-being, providing them with safety and emergency first response training and knowledge about environmental protection and sustainable tourism. 

November 2019

Perlan – Wonders of Iceland

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