Ulfljotsvatn in winter

Explore Lake Úlfljótsvatn

Iceland is a land of breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders, and one of its hidden gems is Úlfljótsvatn, a stunning clear water lake located in the southwestern part of the country. Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, Úlfljótsvatn has an alluring charm that captivates visitors and offers a unique experience of Iceland's pristine beauty.

The name Úlfljótsvatn has historical roots that can be traced back to Old Norse, the language of the early Norse settlers in Iceland. The name is a combination of two main elements: Úlfljótur, that is a human name and vatn, meaning a lake. It is pronounced like "OOL-flyote-svahtn".

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Ulfljotsvatn lake

Úlfljótsvatn is named after Úlfljótr, in Modern Icelandic Úlfljótur, who was an important person in Icelandic history. He is regarded by some as the country's first law speaker, and it is said that he brought law to Iceland. He is known to be an important man who was involved in the establishment of the nearby Alþingi in Þingvellir (the ancient Icelandic Parliament) in 930.

Geography and Formation

Úlfljótsvatn, often referred to simply as Lake Úlfljótsvatn, is located just a few minute's drive downstream from Þingvallavatn, meaning that you can easily visit nearby attractions such as Þingvellir, Geysir, and Gullfoss.

The lake spans approximately 23 square kilometres (8.9 square miles) and reaches a maximum depth of around 30 meters (98 feet). The lake was formed during the Ice Age by retreating glaciers, leaving behind a breathtaking landscape of mountains, valleys, and fertile farmland surrounding its shores. The inflow is coming from lake Þingvallavatn, the outfow is the river Sog.

How To Get To Úlfljótsvatn?

By Car

  1. Start by heading east from Reykjavik on Route 1, also known as the Ring Road.
  2. Continue on Route 1 until you reach the town of Selfoss.
  3. In Selfoss, take the exit onto Route 35 (Þingvallavegur), heading north.
  4. Follow Route 35 for about 30 kilometres (approximately 19 miles) until you reach the lake Úlfljótsvatn.

Public Transportation

Public transportation options to Úlfljótsvatn may be limited as it is a remote area. However, you can take a bus from Reykjavik to Selfoss. Once in Selfoss, you may need to arrange for a taxi service or rent a car to reach Úlfljótsvatn, as public transport to the lake itself might be limited.

What To Do at Úlfljótsvatn?

Ulfljotsvatn in winter

Úlfljótsvatn is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. The lake's pristine waters are rich in fish, such as brown trout and Arctic char, making it a popular destination for anglers from Iceland and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned fisherman or a novice looking to try your hand at fishing, the tranquil ambience of Úlfljótsvatn enhances the experience and makes it an unforgettable journey.

Aside from fishing, the lake and its surroundings offer numerous recreational opportunities. Hiking and trekking enthusiasts can explore the trails that wind through the nearby hills and mountains, providing stunning vistas of the lake and the surrounding countryside. Camping is also a popular activity, allowing visitors to immerse themselves fully in the beauty of nature.


How Far From Reykjavík Is Úlfljótsvatn?

Úlfljótsvatn is located in the southwestern part of Iceland, relatively close to Reykjavík. When taking the most direct route, the driving distance from Reykjavík to Úlfljótsvatn is approximately 80 kilometres (about 50 miles).

Can I Fish at Úlfljótsvatn?

Yes, fishing is allowed at Úlfljótsvatn, and it is known as an excellent fishing destination in Iceland. The lake offers fishing opportunities for brown trout and Arctic char, making it a popular spot for anglers.

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