The Environment

Environmental policy and more

Environmental policy

Perlan - Wonders of Iceland serves as a bridge between science and society by educating and entertaining visitors about Icelandic nature, environmental protection, and sustainability. We operate on sustainable principles, prioritize strengthening our relationship with local and international communities, and values respect, care, entertainment, and education.

Perlan's exhibitions aim to showcase the beauty and importance of Iceland's natural resources and raise awareness about issues such as plastic pollution and climate change. The company also takes specific actions such as reducing waste production, recycling, and collaborating with NGOs to promote sustainability and well-being.

Climate change

Climate change is affecting Iceland in various ways, including the shrinking of its glaciers, which affects tourism and freshwater supply.

Temperature rise is altering ecosystems, expanding forests, shifting fish populations, and increasing extreme weather events, which can cause damage to infrastructure and disrupt daily life.

What Can We Do

Addressing climate change requires a multifaceted approach involving governments, businesses, and individuals. One solution is to transition to renewable energy sources and protect natural ecosystems like forests and oceans to absorb and store carbon dioxide.

Additionally, addressing the underlying causes of climate change, such as overconsumption and unsustainable economic growth, requires investing in green infrastructure, promoting a circular economy, and reducing consumption, among other measures.