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Our Favourite Bakeries in Reykjavík Iceland

Bakeries in Reykjavík

In the vibrant culinary scene of Reykjavík, bakeries hold a special place. They offer a delightful array of freshly baked treats that cater to locals and visitors alike. From traditional Icelandic baked goods to innovative creations, these bakeries elevate the art of pastry-making with their high-quality ingredients and dedication to craftsmanship. 

Bakeries are an important part of the Icelandic culture. So either visit Perlan's Cafe for a sweet treat or try some freshly baked treats from one of the bakeries in Reykjavík, listed below. With numerous exhibitions, a real-size bird cliff and an ice cave, you have ensured a great and entertaining experience.

Icelandic Bakery Essentials

Before we dive into uncovering Reykjavik's finest bakeries, let's first acquaint ourselves with the quintessential treats you'll encounter while indulging in Iceland's bakery scene. While this list isn't exhaustive and might not include familiar European delights, it offers a tantalising glimpse into the heart of Icelandic pastry tradition. These staples form the backbone of Icelandic baking, each imbued with a unique twist by local bakers, ensuring a delightful culinary experience awaits.

Icelandic Bakery Essentials

Kleina: A Taste of Icelandic Tradition

Kleina embodies the essence of Icelandic baking, with its deep-fried dough delicately seasoned and often served with a dusting of sugar. This traditional pastry has been enjoyed for generations, offering a glimpse into the country's culinary heritage with every bite.

Snúður: A Sweet Cinnamon Swirl

Snúður delights the senses with its soft, fluffy texture and swirls of aromatic cinnamon. Often glazed with icing, this popular Icelandic pastry is a favourite among locals and visitors alike, perfect for enjoying with a cup of coffee or tea.

Flatkaka: The Simple Elegance of Icelandic Flatbread

Flatkaka captivates with its simplicity and versatility, serving as a staple in Icelandic cuisine. Made from a blend of flour, water, and sometimes milk, this unleavened flatbread is cooked on a hot griddle until golden brown, offering a delicious accompaniment to savoury dishes or a base for sweet toppings.

Hjónabandssæla: Blissful Marriage in Every Bite

Hjónabandssæla, translated as "blissful marriage cake," is a cherished Icelandic dessert symbolising love and commitment. This oat and raspberry pie combines sweet and tart flavours, creating a harmonious union of taste sensations that celebrate the joys of matrimony.

Bakeries in Reykjavík worth visiting

Brauð & Co

Renowned as a local institution, Brauð & Co tantalises taste buds with its legendary cinnamon rolls. Soft, fragrant, and always freshly baked, these treats are a staple of Reykjavík's culinary landscape. With five locations across the city, the Frakkastígur outlet stands out with its vibrant storefront adorned with captivating murals.

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For a full experience, head to Hlemmur Mathöll, a trendy food hall housed in a converted bus terminal, where Icelandic delicacies mingle with the allure of Brauð & Co's cinnamon rolls.


Nestled near Reykjavík harbour and Grandi, once a bustling fishing hub now transformed into a cultural hotspot, Brikk beckons travellers with its beacon-like presence, guiding them towards delectable baked delights. Indulge in Icelandic classics like sjónvarpskaka, a coconut cake with a crispy top, or hjónabandssæla, an oat and raspberry pie symbolising marital bliss. Brikk also doubles as a lunchtime haven, offering generously filled sandwiches crafted with sourdough or rye bread, catering to every palate.


Uncomplicated yet irresistible, Deig specialises in diner-inspired treats: doughnuts, bagels, and sugar-coated pastries. Treat yourself to Icelandic delicacies like kleinur, deep-fried doughnuts, or caramel-drenched swirl muffins. The whimsically adorned space, adorned with comic references and stocked with board games, invites patrons to linger over endless coffee refills, creating a cosy retreat from the bustling city streets.

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At Sandholt, continental influences merge seamlessly with Reykjavík's northern charm, courtesy of this family-owned bakery. Here, artisan bread, pastries, cakes, and savoury pies receive a contemporary makeover while retaining the essence of tradition. Exotic fruits, berry compotes, and marinated figs mingle harmoniously with Icelandic staples like black liquorice and lava salt, creating a symphony of flavours. Don't forget to pick up a jar of their homemade jam, a charming souvenir encapsulating the essence of Sandholt's culinary artistry.


Steeped in history since its establishment in 1834, Bernhöftsbakarí stands as Iceland's oldest bakery, offering a glimpse into the country's rich culinary heritage. From the traditional kransakökur, a tower cake synonymous with weddings, to an array of other delicacies, Bernhöftsbakarí is a testament to enduring traditions. Situated near the iconic Harpa concert hall, a stroll along the beachfront offers a picturesque journey through Iceland's past and present, culminating in a taste of history at Bernhöftsbakarí.

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