Ice cream flavours in reykjavik

Best Ice Cream in Reykjavík

When it comes to indulging in sweet treats in Reykjavík, nothing beats a delicious scoop of ice cream. Icelanders have a penchant for this frozen delight all year round, making it a must-try experience for visitors exploring the city's vibrant culinary scene. From gelato-style to soft serve, Reykjavík boasts an array of ice cream shops offering diverse flavours and styles. Join us as we explore some of the best ice cream destinations in Reykjavík, featuring both classic favourites and unique local creations.

1. Ísbúð Vesturbæjar

Nestled in the heart of Vesturbær, Ísbúð Vesturbæjar is a beloved ice cream shop cherished by locals and visitors alike. Known for its creamy texture and rich flavours, this cosy establishment offers a wide selection of traditional Icelandic ice cream flavours alongside innovative gelato-style creations. Whether you're craving a classic cone or a decadent sundae, Ísbúð Vesturbæjar has something to satisfy every sweet tooth. Be sure to try their signature salted caramel flavour for a truly indulgent treat.

2. Perlan Museum

Perlan Ice Cream Parlour, situated on the fourth floor of the iconic Perlan building, offers a unique ice cream experience that has gained international acclaim. Known for its homemade ice cream crafted with the highest quality ingredients, the parlour constantly innovates with adventurous new flavours, ensuring there's always something novel for frequent visitors to enjoy. 

Ice Cream Parlour Perlan

Guests can savour their creamy delights in a cone, box, or as a milkshake, all while taking in breathtaking 360-degree views of Reykjavík. This combination of exceptional ice cream and stunning vistas makes Perlan Ice Cream Parlour a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists.

3.  Skúbb

Skúbb ice cream in Laugardalur is a delightful fusion of traditional Icelandic flavours and creamy indulgence. This unique frozen treat takes inspiration from the beloved Skúbb dessert, featuring swirls of spiced cake batter ice cream interspersed with plump raisins and crunchy bits of cinnamon-infused pastry. 

Each scoop offers a harmonious blend of sweet and spicy notes reminiscent of holiday festivities in Iceland. Served in generous portions, Skúbb ice cream in Laugardalur is a must-try for visitors seeking a taste of authentic Icelandic flavours with a refreshing twist, making it a cherished treat in the heart of Reykjavík's scenic park.

Ice cream flavours in reykjavik

4. Valdís

Valdís, a beloved ice cream shop in Reykjavík, has become a local favourite since its opening in 2013. Located at Grandagarður 21 and Frakkastígur 10, Valdís is renowned for its wide array of innovative and unique flavours, many of which are inspired by customer suggestions. With over 400 flavours crafted, some of the standout options include Tyrkis pepper, salted nuts and caramel, and more adventurous choices like beer and curry ice cream. The shop also offers a variety of vegan sorbets made primarily from fresh fruits, catering to diverse dietary preferences. 

Woman handing over chocolate icecream

5. Ísbúð Huppa

Ísbúð Huppa, a beloved ice cream parlour in Reykjavík, has garnered a loyal following since its humble beginnings in Selfoss in 2013. Named after a cherished family cow, this ice cream shop offers a delightful array of flavours and treats, including the popular "Bragðarefur" – a customisable ice cream smoothie mixed with various candies and fruits. 

Icelanders & Their Ice Cream Culture

In Iceland, the love for ice cream transcends weather and seasons. Regardless of the time of year, whether it's a sunny summer day or a snow-filled winter evening, Icelanders can be seen queuing up at their favourite ice cream parlours. This unwavering passion for ice cream is deeply embedded in Icelandic culture, with locals relishing the creamy treat even in the coldest months.

The tradition of enjoying ice cream year-round highlights a unique aspect of Icelandic life, where the weather does not deter from indulging in beloved pastimes​.

What are some unique ice cream flavours available in Reykjavík?

Reykjavík's ice cream parlours are known for their adventurous flavours. At Valdís, you can find unique options like beer ice cream and curry ice cream with coconut and chilli. Skúbb offers seasonal flavours such as mango and dark chocolate brownie, as well as innovative choices like tomatoes and liquorice roots.

What is the "Bragðarefur"?

"Bragðarefur" is a popular Icelandic ice cream treat that translates to "taste fox." It involves mixing different ingredients, such as chocolate, candies, and fruits, into a thick ice cream smoothie. This customisable dessert is a staple at many ice cream parlours, including Ísbúð Huppa.

unique flavours of ice creams in reykjavik

Are there vegan ice cream options available?

Yes, several ice cream parlours in Reykjavík cater to vegan preferences. Valdís offers a variety of vegan sorbets, while Skúbb is noted for its vibrant and intense vegan scoops. Joylato is particularly popular among vegans, offering coconut milk-based ice cream made to order with liquid nitrogen for a creamy texture.

What makes Icelandic ice cream unique?

Icelandic ice cream stands out due to its high-quality ingredients, often sourced locally, and innovative flavours that reflect both traditional and modern tastes. The creamy texture and rich flavours are a result of meticulous preparation and a commitment to using the best ingredients available.

Why is ice cream so popular in Iceland?

Icelanders have a strong cultural affinity for ice cream, enjoying it year-round, even in the coldest months. This love for ice cream is reflected in the numerous ice cream parlours scattered throughout Reykjavík, each offering unique and innovative flavours that cater to diverse tastes.

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