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Wonders of Iceland

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Amazing Geological Wonders

Forces of Nature

Guests see, hear and feel the power of volcanoes, earthquakes and geothermal energy.



Iceland is so volcanically active that researchers typically speak about “volcanic systems” rather than individual volcanoes. The island has 30 active volcanic systems, each with many types of volcanoes.


Plate Tectonics

The rocky shell of our planet, known as the crust, is broken and cracked into huge tectonic plates. These plates float on a sea of viscous molten rock. They carry entire continents. on slow, drifting paths around the planet.



There are three main forms of earthquakes, depending on the plate movements that occur beneath the Earth's surface. Earthquakes can occur on a convergent boundary, divergent boundary or a transform fault. Iceland has both transform and divergent boundaries.



Geothermal areas are traditionally divided into high- and low-temperature groups. Low-temperature areas are good for heating homes, greenhouses and swimming pools. High-temperature areas are better for large-scale power generation.

Augmented Reality Entertainment

Látrabjarg Cliff


Underwater Journey

Go on a cinematic underwater journey around Iceland. You meet tiny algae, giant whales and everything in between. Interactive experience mixed with captivating information makes this exhibit both fun and educational.


Explore the Magnificent Ice Cave

Glaciers and Ice Cave

Real Ice Cave

The Ice Cave is the first of its kind in the world. It is 100 meters long, built with over 350 tons of snow from the Icelandic Mountains. As guests wander through the Ice Cave, they experience a glacial environment in a safe and informative way.

Glaciers Exhibit

A dramatic interactive exhibition provides insight into Icelandic glaciers, their bleak future and the effects of global warming. Guests learn about Iceland’s glaciers, their effect on the land and what will happen if, or when, they disappear. Guests are also introduced to the unusual lifeforms that live on glaciers.


360° view of Reykjavík

Perlan View

This amazing deck provides a 360° view of
Reykjavik and surrounding areas. It’s a must-visit
for everyone.


Water is the foundation of life

The Water in Icelandic Nature

Exhibition by the Icelandic Museum of Natural History on freshwater, one of Iceland’s richest and most characteristic feature in nature.

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The exhibition provides a novel and holistic insight into this vital resource – our valuable freshwater, its secrets, and importance for a sustainable future.

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