A whole day in one photo

“I follow the light, not time,” said Ragnar Th. Sigurðsson, one of Iceland’s most beloved photographers, specializing in arctic photography in Iceland.

One day of spring 2017, he left his home just after midnight and headed south to Fljótshlíð, a beautiful farming district in Iceland. At dawn, he had found himself a good spot to capture on film, one of Iceland’s many scenic places in the first colors of a new day. Ragnar stayed in his spot from dawn to dusk. In a true winter breeze, he watched the entire light show of a clear spring sky.

Ragnar caught the day on film – every color of the sky and every motion of the leaves. He shot about 1600 photos in 16 hours. A vast puzzle project awaited him upon return. In ten days, he sorted through the photos and merged them into a wonderful image. The outcome is a wonder in itself. To the far left, you see the early morning light. It gets later in the day to the right and in the end, you see stars light up the night sky. It now covers an 18-meter-long and 3-meter-high wall at Perlan, Reykjavík. This way, Ragnar shares this wonder with Perlan and every explorer at Perlan’s exhibition – Wonders of Iceland.

At Perlan, you see Wonders of Iceland come alive through ground-breaking technology, science, design & photography in Iceland.

Fljótshlíð from dawn to dusk – Photo by: Ragnar Th.

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