Cutting-Edge technology

Perlan Planetarium

The Only Planetarium in Iceland

Perlan Planetarium

Our world-class Planetarium is the first one of its kind in Iceland. It is built inside on of Perlan's hoy water tanks and is a part of the nature exploratorium. A state-of-the art 8k projection and 7.1 surround sound system gives out visitors an experience of a lifetime.

Áróra - Northern Lights Planetarium show

Áróra takes the audience immersive audio and visual journey to the heart of Iceland to experience its legendary landscapes bathed in Nordic lights. This groundbraking film production is the first of its kind within a planetarium, offering an immersive aurora borealis spectacular, projected in 8k resolution.

Shape 650

8K state-of-the-art projection system


Note that you need to book
a time slot on on arrival


Taking photographs during screening in not allowed


An Immserive Experience

Leave your Earth-bound view and see scienttific wonders come alive all around you.


Guaranteed Northern lights

Observe the northern lights as you've never seen them before.


Pop-Up Shows & Private Events

Experience our high tech auditorium from the comfort of your seat.