Iceland: The Country of extremes

I first visited Iceland in June 2009 and it is fair to say it was quite a shock to me. I was not especially attracted by the country, as some people sometimes are. I had just agreed to join one of my friends on a trip to Iceland, because she is a good friend, because she is my « travel friend », a person I have met during my first trip abroad, and with whom I had often traveled since. So, when we were looking for our next destination, she proposed Iceland, and I said: why not?

I didn’t know anything about the country and I decided not to read anything, and to discover everything on the spot. The « extreme » aspect of the country, and the fact that it was so sparse were enough information to me.

We traveled on the south coast and everything was way beyond my expectations. I had the feeling to discover a different planet, where everything was the same, but different.

Everything was more powerful, nature had such a strength, the colors were more vivid, the wind stronger, and I felt very small, and very humble.

I was amazed by the landscapes, the lava fields, the color of the moss, the glaciers, the waterfalls, the colors of the different rocks, the day which never ends, the absence of trees… i was experiencing something so different from my Parisian life! Among all these oddities, I remember seeing people creating a stair on a glacier… they were 8, wearing black pants and red jackets, perfectly equipped for a glacier hike, carving steps in the ice with their ice axe. For who, for what, how long would the stair stay, I would never know, so I just took a picture of it.

Author: Shared by Clara Salducci for Perlan

Images by Clara Salducci

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