What Iceland makes me feel, healing wounds in Iceland

I cannot share a specific story about Iceland with you all because every corner of this country is my favorite place. It has been a process, something that has been growing deep inside of me for a long time. When I talk about Iceland, I’m talking about something spiritual, something that touches my soul. Iceland is such a magical place where I have been able to discover and explore hidden parts of me. Using other words: I have been able to go through a healing process and reach another state of mind. But how? And why?

Iceland has this unique energy

Fire sleeps quietly in the deep heart of the island while the snow falls majestically on the landscape painting everything in white, I have never seen something as beautiful as the sunlight scattering through the crystal clear Icelandic glaciers. And what about the magical nights?

Here in Iceland, dark nights can become a mesmerizing show when lady Aurora decides to dance up in the sky.

When I was a child, my father filled my head with stories about scary nights, but here they turn into fantasy, black turns into green and sadness into hope, I promise you have never seen a night so bright.

I feel peace

Definitely, what I can share with you is that sometimes while being in the middle of nowhere, I close my eyes, take a deep breath of ice-cold fresh air, open my eyes back again, and then I see that it’s just me and the vast Icelandic nature.

In those moments, I feel connected to Mother Nature, to earth, to freedom. I feel alive. 

I had never felt so alive before Iceland. I feel peace. This land has been a place where I have learned how to forgive, forget, grow again, and fill myself with new experiences.

Find your happy place

I used to live in a big city, and you already know how it feels: cars everywhere, pollution always raising and I felt trapped, surrounded by the stress of society, drowning. I have always felt that pressure, the need to be enough, and willing to reach perfection, but then I realized that perfection doesn’t exist. Sometimes you need a break from everything that hurts you.

Go, explore, and find your happy place. Believe me that I have found mine, Iceland.

Shared by Victoria Ballester for Perlan

Images by Victoria Ballester

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