Iceland remote and magical: The Westfjords

My favorite place in Iceland is the Westfjords, a remote and sparsely populated peninsula in the Northwestern region. In particular, the Red Sand Beach left unforgettable memories with me.

Overall, most travelers leave this part out of their trip around the island and missing out on one of the best-kept secrets and natural wonders.

Besides, the entire area around this beach is a real gem. Nor far away are the steep cliffs of Látrabjarg, where visitors can observe unique birdlife and Iceland´s favorite bird, the puffin.

There is a magical place 

In the Southern part of the Westfjords lies a magical and beautiful place called Rauðisandur (Red Sand) Beach. As I drove the narrow and steep roads down to this beach in summer 2017, I saw endless kilometers of orange/red sand, clear blue ocean, and no human anywhere, a truly unique sight beyond expectations. In addition, it was an unusually hot summer day (for Iceland) with 18 degrees celsius (64°F) and a cloudless sky. If you have been to Iceland in the summer, you might remember that it rarely gets hot.

A walk on a remote beach 

While I had to protect myself from more sunburns wearing long clothes, the only two other people on the beach took a swim in the cold Atlantic Ocean.

At this time, I remember walking for hours on the seemingly endless beach. Rauðasandur in Iceland let me unwind, far away from crowds, and reconnect with untouched nature.

As the day was remarkably clear, I was able to see Snæfellsjökull in the distance.

The pure sand around me was like a large painting as the running water from the high tight combining red and black sand left unique patterns everywhere I looked. With this in mind, no pictures can justify the rare beauty of the Westfjords. Therefore, one of my favorite memories of a bright summer day in one of the most remote parts of Iceland.

Author: Shared by Steffi Meisl for Perlan

Images by Steffi Meisl

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