How to get to Perlan?

1 – Hop on Perlan’s Shuttle Bus

Perlan offers all ticket holders a free bus fare with the Perlan shuttle bus. Any tickets to Perlan are also valid as Perlan bus tickets. You can pre-book tickets on our website or buy a special ticket on the bus. See all about the schedule, bus stop locations, and how it works here.

2 – Take a Beautiful Walk or Bring Your Bike

Perlan is one of Reykjavík’s most iconic buildings, standing upon Öskjuhlíð which is the capital’s highest hill. It is covered with trees and lupines, optimal for a beautiful walk or bike ride. Get directions to Perlan here.

3 – Drive & Park for Free

Perlan is only a 7-10 minute drive away from the city center. Visitors can park for free, right outside the building where there are two large parking lots. Get directions to Perlan here.

Perlan houses a unique exhibition called Wonders of Iceland and a world-class planetarium. There, anyone can experience & learn to understand Icelandic nature. Book your tickets today.

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