Free Shuttle Bus

Schedule for June 13th – 30th

Free bus between Perlan and Harpa

Perlan offers a free bus between Harpa music hall (bus stop 5) and Perlan. It runs between 10 am and 6 pm, departing from Harpa on and half past every hour. Departure from Perlan is quarter to and quarter past every hour. The bus has 19 seats.

Schedule from July 1st

Free bus for ticket holders

Perlan’s shuttle bus is free for those who already hold a ticket to any of our exhibitions

→ Ticket to Wonders of Iceland
→ Ticket to Wonders of Iceland + Áróra Planetarium show
→ Ticket to the 360° Observation Deck

The ticket to Perlan´s bus costs 890 kr and will give you

→ Access to the 360° Observation Deck
→ A discount of 890 ISK on any exhibition ticket at Perlan
→ Bus ride between Harpa and Perlan on the day of your visit (both ways)

Bus schedule will be as follows:

Departure from Harpa Departure from Perlan
10 am 10:15 am
11 am 11:15 am
12 am 12:15 pm
1 pm 1:15 pm
2 pm 2:15 pm
3 pm 3:15 pm
4 pm 4:15 pm
5 pm 5:15 pm
6 pm 6:15 pm