Unwrapped Boxes at Perlan Museum: Preparation of Exhibition

It feels like boxing day at Perlan

These days Perlan’s first floor is full of boxes and stuff that once unwrapped and put together will form the glacier exhibition in one of the hot water tanks. We who know the exhibition inside-out are full of excitement when we recognize bits and pieces from various exhibits. As can be expected from our excellent partners, all of this looks awesome.

The lower floor of the tank is now closed from the inside of Perlan, as we are effectively building a huge refrigerator in it. Around icicles and wooden tree-house-like structures, the carpenders dressed in insulated overalls are stacking up a special snow mixture that replicates the inside of a glacier. They are building the 100 metre deep ice cave, the first one of its kind in the world.

The top floor has almost been totally cleaned out, as the building of Kaffitár’s new restaurant begins.

The first part of the exhibition Wonders of Icelandic Nature is gradually coming together. You can book a tour around Perlan to see how things are moving along.

Now we have more reasons to look forward to summer.

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