Perlan building

Perlan is one of Reykjavík‘s most iconic buildings, standing upon the capital’s highest hill.

Opening Hours

Opening hours
From To Note
Wonders of Iceland 10:00 18:00 Last admissions at 17:00
Planetarium 10:00 18:00 Last screening at 17:30
Perlan Restaurant Temporarily closed
Perlan Café
10:00 18:00 Open 12:00 - 17:00 on weekends
Rammagerðin Gift Shop
(See more at http://www.rammagerdin.is/)
12:00 18:00

To do at Perlan

Perlan is a world-class experience center where Iceland’s natural wonders come alive at your fingertips. You find perfect things to do in Reykjavík – before, after or instead of travelling to the countryside. There is also a lovely café, an excellent restaurant and a high-quality gift store.

Getting Here

Perlan’s Shuttle Bus: We offer all ticket holders free bus fare in our shuttle bus. It departs from Harpa music hall on the whole hour, between 10 AM and 6 PM, and stops at 3 locations. See all about it here.
Walk: It takes 20-40 minutes to walk from downtown Reykjavík to Perlan.
Drive: It takes 5-10 minutes to drive from downtown Reykjavík to Perlan. We offer all visitors free parking.
Public Transportation: Strætó, the Icelandic public transport company operates numerous city buses in Reykjavík. Line 18 stops the closest to Perlan.


Wheelchair accessibility: Perlan is accessible to wheelchair accessible.
Parking: Perlan offers free parking right outside the building and two disabled parking spaces.
Wheelchairs for visitor use: Perlan has one simple wheelchair which visitors can borrow. You can ask for it in the reception on arrival, or reserve it beforehand by email: info@perlan.is or by phone: (+354) 566 9000
Restrooms: There are two restrooms suitable for wheelchairs at Perlan. Both are accessible by the lifts; on floor -1 and floor 4.
Lifts: There are two lifts in the building.
Exhibition: The Wonders of Iceland exhibition is wheelchair accessible, the ice cave as well. We have even had groups of people in wheelchairs at Perlan which have always had smooth and enjoyable visits.

Eating & Drinking

Perlan restaurant is on Perlan’s top floor (Floor 5). It is the highest restaurant in Reykjavík, offering excellent views from every seat. They combine European and Icelandic cuisine and offer something for everyone. Further information
Perlan café is also on Perlan’s top floor. It is one of the most popular cafés in Reykjavík, offering a variety of delicacies, beverages, ice cream, soup and more. Further information

Gift Store

Rammagerðin Gift Store is on Perlan’s 4th floor. It is one of the oldest gift stores in Iceland, selling a variety of Icelandic design items. Further information

Photography & Filming

For Personal Use: Taking photographs and filming at Perlan (also the exhibition) is allowed, if the content is for personal use only. Also, the filming or photographing may not in any way disturb other visitors.
For Professional Purposes: Taking photographs and filming for professional purposes is allowed subject to the prior authorization of Perlan’s managers. We also rent out different parts of the building for photographing, usually after opening hours. For all such enquiries, please contact us by email: info@perlan.is

Wonders of Iceland 

Perlan houses a unique exhibition where you experience & learn to understand the Wonders of Iceland. Access to Perlan’s excellent viewing deck is included in tickets to Wonders of Iceland but also available separately.


We sell tickets for the Wonders of Iceland exhibition, which include access to the Viewing Deck. All of Perlan’s prices can be found here.


You can book your ticket on arrival or online, here. Sometimes, the exhibition is fully booked. We therefore recommend booking online to secure your ticket.

What’s Included in Wonders of Iceland?

  • Real Ice Cave
  • Interactive glacier exhibition
  • Interactive water exhibition
  • Photographic exhibition By Ragnar Th
  • Cinematic ocean-experience
  • Real-size Bird Cliff with life-like birds
  • Immersive Forces of Nature show
  • Iceland's timeline, spanning 64 million years
  • First-class technology, science, photography & design

All about the ice cave

Temperature: -15° C
Length: >100 meters
It’s real: Made from 350 tons of Icelandic ice & ash.
Most interesting features: Crystal ice, ash layers, glacier crevasse, glacier mill, glacier mice, sound effects & more.
Dress-code: We recommend bringing warm clothes for the ice cave. We also offer everyone a poncho for their exploration, even over your coats. Special shoes are not needed as there are safe mats on the floor.

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