Út í Bláinn Restaurant
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Út í Bláinn Restaurant

Open between 11:30-22:00.

Út í bláinn is a unique restaurant situated in a glass dome, an enchanting world where the woodlands meet the sky with incredible views to all directions.

We are a bistro-style restaurant with a lively, light atmosphere where emphasis is put on simplicity and seasonal ingredients.  It’s a place where Icelandic food traditions meet classic European cuisine, a truly special experience where you can literally dine under the midnight sun, the stars and the Northern Lights, depending on the season.

Út í bláinn at the Pearl is the perfect location for a very special dinner and it’s also the perfect pitstop for brunch or lunch. You can also simply stop by for a cup of coffee to take in the stunning surroundings, or catch a few rays of sun, as the weather underneath the glass dome is always good, whatever the season.