Kaffitár Café
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Kaffitár Café

Open all days between 9:00-23:00.

Coffee roastery founded in 1990, the family owned Kaffitár now runs seven coffee shops in Iceland and distributes its quality coffee to all main retailers in Iceland.

The philosophy behind Kaffitár is to indulge their customers and support their farmers. The owners of Kaffitár travel to remote countries around the world, choosing quality coffee beans from dedicated coffee farmers, supporting their production and society. Over 85% of Kaffitár coffee comes from direct trade and farms that have Rainforest Allience environmental certificaton.

At Kaffitár in Perlan you can enjoy all our regular coffee drinks, iced coffee as well as sourdough bread, cake, quiche and other snacks.  We also offer six flavours of ice cream, including Krakatá coffee, made especially for us using only natural, seasonal ingredients.

Kaffitár Café at Perlan, Iceland