Glaciers and Ice Cave
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Free Shuttle Bus to Perlan every 30 minutes

Glaciers and Ice Cave

The Glaciers and Ice Cave Exhibition is the first exhibition of the new Perlan Museum – Wonders of Iceland. The exhibition is built inside one of Perlan’s six hot water tanks. It illustrates the glaciers, their history and bleak future, and gives visitors the amazing opportunity to experience travelling through a real man-made Ice Cave. The 360°Reykjavík museum & observation deck is included in the admission fee. 

We have developed a method to accurately replicate an ice tunnel which is dug through a glacier. It is the first indoor ice cave in the world, in the middle of Reykjavík. Travelling through the cave, visitors will learn about the glacier’s dangers, the secrets it keeps, and how the disappearance of our glaciers is leading to an enormous change for both Iceland itself and around the world.

Perlan now offers a free shuttle bus to Perlan from Harpa Concert Hall, every 30 minutes.

What you need to know

  • The temperature inside the ice cave is -10C (14F).
  • It takes ca. 10-15 minutes to walk through the ice cave.
  • Take as many photos as you like.
  • You do not need special shoes for the ice cave.
  • We can lend you a vest to keep you warm.
  • Do not bring food or drinks inside the ice cave.

On the peak of Vatnajökull glacier

At the other end of the cave a staircase leads you up to the second storey of the tank, to the peak of Vatnajökull Glacier, with 360 degree view. There guests learn about Iceland’s glaciers, their effect on the land and what will happen if, or when, they disappear. Guests are also introduced to the unusual lifeforms that live on glaciers.