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The so-called solar wind continuously streams off the surface of the sun. It is a stream of charged particles, mostly electrons and protons. The earth's magnetic field repels most of these particles so that they flow around the earth like water past a keel. The exception to this rule is around the magnetic poles, the locations that the compass needle points to, one in the North and the other, diametrically opposite, in the South. A small amount of these particles escapes inside the earth's magnetic field in the vicinity of these poles. The points where the penetration of the particles is most, form a collar around the magnetic poles.

The charged particles that enter the earth's magnetic field move at great velocity along spiral tracks around the magnetic field lines between the magnetic poles. So the Protons and electrons flow towards the magnetic poles and as they approach, the particles collide with the atmosphere, usually at altitudes between 100 and 250 km. Energy in the electrons and protons stimulate molecules and atoms in the atmosphere which emit energy in the form of the visible light we call Northern or Southern Lights depending on the pole they are seen at. The colours we usually see are green and red - purple, caused on the one hand by charged oxygen molecules and on the other by charged nitrogen.

Source: https://www.why.is/svar.php?id=5471

We have developed a method to accurately replicate an ice tunnel which is dug through a glacier. It is the first indoor ice cave in the world, in the middle of Reykjavík. Travelling through the cave.


8K state-of-the-art projection system


Planeterium shows takes around 45-50 minutes


Please turn your flash of before taking pictures

Explore the Magnificent Ice Cave

Glaciers and Ice Cave

Real man-made Ice Cave

The Ice Cave is the first of its kind in the world. It is 100 meters long, built with over 350 tons of snow from the Blue Mountains.

Glaciers Exhibit

A dramatic interactive exhibition provides insight into Icelandic glaciers, their bleak future and the effects of global warming.


Perlan – Wonders of Iceland

Prices: Jan 1st - May 2nd 2018

Get a Free Shuttle bus
Perlan View Glaciers & Ice Cave

> 360° observation deck
> Glaciers & Ice Cave
> 360° observation deck
Age 16 +490 ISK2,900 ISK
Age 6 – 15FREE1,450 ISK
Family ticket**N/A5,800 ISK

Family ticket includes: 2 adults and 1 - 2 children (age 6 – 15). In this offer you only pay full price for 2 adults.

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