Chasing the Light

with Babak Tafreshi


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Babak Tafreshi

Babak Tafreshi spent the past two decades photographing surreal scenes of night sky in all continents. As the founder of The World at Night (TWAN) international program that involves many of the world’s best nightscape photographers documenting the last remaining starry skies on the planet, the speaker shares the wonders of night sky in unique immersive fulldome photographs and we learn about the values of

Babak Tafreshi will share stories, stunning immersive images and tips for night sky photograpy as well as how to chase, experience, and capture the northern lights in Iceland and around the world. As a contributor to the film Arora the speaker also shares behind the scene information of how this world unique planetarium show was produced by Perlan. The 21-minute film will be shown after the talk followed by a brief Q&A session.