Admission fee to Perlan’s Observation Deck as of September 1, 2017

parlan observation platform
Perlan and the observation platform seen from the north

On September 1, a fee of ISK 490 will be charged for access to the observation deck at Perlan. Admission will be free of charge for those aged 15 years and younger, and for guests of the Glaciers and Ice Cave exhibition.

Up to 5,000 guests visit Perlan Museum every day, which demands high operating- and maintenance costs. As such, the admission fee will ensure first-rate facilities and services for our guests. In the near future, additional information signs will be introduced on the deck for the purpose of enhancing our guests’ experiences.

Perlan is, and will remain, open to all.

Price for the Observation Deck – 360° Reykjavík:
Adults (16 years and older): 490 kr.
Children (15 years old and younger): Free of charge

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